Two tips to follow if you want to get your grandmother a gift hamper

Here are some points to take note of if you're going to give your grandmother a gift hamper.

Select a hamper that caters to her current state of health

If your grandmother is elderly and, like many older people, she's not as mobile or healthy as she used to be, you should ensure that you only consider gift hampers for her that are suitable for her current state of health. For example, if she gets very stiff or has arthritis that makes her joints sore, it might be nice to give her a hamper containing a lavender-scented heat pad that will ease the soreness in her joints when she applies it to them and whose soothing scent will help her to relax when she's taking naps.

Similarly, if she's not very mobile and spends lots of time sitting in an armchair or in bed, she might appreciate a hamper filled with a selection of individually-wrapped luxury biscuits, that she could keep beside her armchair or on her bedside table and nibble on throughout the day, without having to go back and forth from the kitchen (which could be difficult if she's not very mobile) or to keep a full-sized, open pack of ordinary biscuits nearby that would probably go stale before she could eat them.

Ensure the hamper has items that will make her daily life at home a little bit nicer

As people age, retire and become less active, they tend to spend more time at home. If this is the case for your grandmother, you should ensure the hamper you buy has items that will make her everyday life at home that much nicer. For example, she might appreciate a hamper that has some lovely hand lotion and beautiful soaps that will make washing and moisturising her hands throughout the day a nicer experience.

Likewise, she might like a hamper with a bottle of port, rather than, for example, wine, as the former is not only more potent than the latter in terms of its flavour but will also remain fresh for far longer, which means she can enjoy a small tipple every evening for up to a couple of months, even if she doesn't have many guests who drink alcohol whom she can share this item with. In contrast, if you got her a hamper with wine, she might have to pour most of it away within a few days, due to not being able to drink it all herself, within the three or so days it takes for the wine to go off.

Additionally, if she spends a lot of time at home baking, it might be worth looking for baking-themed gift hampers that have things such as high-quality baking ingredients, a beautiful oven glove or some pretty ramekins.

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Here are some points to take note of if you're going to give your grandmother a gift hamper. Select a hamper that caters to her current state of healt

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