Diagnosed with a Non-Life-Threatening Latex Allergy? Don't Let It End Your Fun in the Bedroom

So, you've been recently diagnosed with a non-life-threatening latex allergy; you're not too happy, but you probably aren't too concerned—the allergy won't kill you, after all. Although, contact with latex will cause dermatitis, and depending on the severity, your reaction could last for a long time. Still, on the upside, it's easy to avoid latex in most areas of life—you just buy latex-free gloves for cleaning, right? Sure, if that's the only exposure to latex you have. But, what about adventures in the bedroom? Read on for information on what you'll need to change when it comes to your love life.

Contraceptive Protection

If you've been using condoms as protection from pregnancy and disease, the last thing you'll want is to suffer an adverse reaction in your nether regions--itchy genitals can be hard to explain to a new partner. Fortunately, latex is not the only material that condoms come in. Buy condoms made from polyisoprene, a material suitable for those with an allergy to latex. As a bonus, they're really no hardship to use--a lot of people without allergies opt for them because they love their feel and the different sensation they provide—they give a natural skin-on-skin feel offering increased intimacy for greater connectivity.

Sex Toys

When it comes to sex toys, latex is a popular choice of material—it's cheap and ideal for mass production. Don't worry, though, this is not the only material available. Opt for toys made from silicone for a similar soft feel without the risk of allergy. These are a little more expensive, but more durable and easier to keep clean. As a bonus, when at body temperature, silicone feels soft and really quite lifelike.

Fetish Wear and Accessories

If you're a couple who likes to spice up your love life with a little BDSM and latex wear, your allergy doesn't have to stop the fun. If your allergy is on the milder side, you may still be able to wear latex if you're careful when it comes to picking your outfits and accessories. When latex is leached in water soon after curing, most of the proteins that cause allergic reactions are removed. Fetish garments and bondage restraints made from this type of latex are far less likely to cause a reaction. So, when you're next shopping for sexy restraints and fetish wear, look for latex that's been leached. To be safe, test the material to see how you react before your night of fun. If you don't want to take a chance, opt for PVC or wet-look materials that look similar to latex. There are also lined latex materials on the market that reduce the body's contact with the rubber.

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So, you've been recently diagnosed with a non-life-threatening latex allergy; you're not too happy, but you probably aren't too concerned—the allergy