How Your Child with Sensory Processing Disorder May Benefit from Sheepskin Slippers

As a parent of a child with sensory processing disorder, also known as SPD, you know how difficult it can be to find clothes that are comforting and will fit with your child's issues. Some children have issues with seams while others find very hard or very soft clothing items and shoes to be irritating if not very painful. This can lead to sensory meltdowns and related issues including anxiety and panic attacks. If you find that socks and slippers around the house are the most difficult part of your clothing purchases because of the SPD issues, then you may find sheepskin slippers ideal. Here are a few reasons why.

Ideal Mixture of Pressure

One of the aspects that can throw a child with SPD off is the pressure against their skin. Some children like a lot of pressure, but they want softness as well. Other children with SPD may like a medium amount of both pressure and softness. This is where sheepskin slippers come in. Most have a sole that gives a medium to heavy amount of pressure to the foot, while giving a lining that is soft to cushion the foot and the the toes. This gives children with SPD the feeling of being surrounded and cradles which can be comforting and prevent meltdowns and anxiety.

Sweat Absorption

You may not think of sweat absorption as an issue with foot apparel, but for a child with SPD it can cause anxiety and uncomfortable feelings that lead to meltdowns. For example, a traditional slipper may have foam covered by a level of flannel. This can keep the foot warm, but it can also make the feet sweat terribly. This then makes the slippers damp and uncomfortable. A sheepskin slipper has the benefit of being able to absorb sweat easily. It also releases this outwardly and away from the foot to keep it comfortable.

No Seams

Seams are the largest complaint among SPD children when it comes to socks, slippers, and shoes. The seams can be uncomfortable or they may cause an issue with alignment. Some children with SPD also have disorders that made them increasingly uncomfortable if they feel a seam is not even. Even if they can't see it, they may feel it is off or oddly placed and that can make them panic. With sheepskin slippers, you can offer your children a seamless feel so you can avoid this issue all together.

Though these benefits are general benefits of sheepskin slippers that are available to any person wearing them, it is increasingly more beneficial for children with sensory processing disorder. If you aren't sure how your child will react, you can try different styles to see which work best for them and which lead to fewer meltdowns over time.

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