How to Prolong Camera Battery Life

Have you ever been disappointed when you pulled out your digital camera to take some photos during a trip and found that the batteries had been drained? Read on and discover some tips that you can implement so that the power on your camera batteries can last for as long as possible during your trips.

Turn the Stabilised Lens Off

Some cameras are equipped with image-stabilised lenses. Such a lens is useful in case you are going to take photos without using the stand of the camera. It is a good habit to turn this lens off as often as possible because it keeps drawing power from the battery as it tries to lock onto an object that you may be intending to photograph.

Keep the Batteries Warm

Batteries generate power through the chemical reactions that occur inside them. Those reactions slow down drastically when the ambient temperature is low. The batteries will therefore drain at a faster rate in case the weather is cold. You can prevent this rapid discharge by keeping the batteries close to your body so that the heat from your body shields those batteries from the cold outside. It is helpful to have a spare set of batteries so that you can keep switching it with the ones in your camera in order to keep both sets warm.

Focus Manually

The autofocus function in your camera will use a lot of battery power during low-light situations, such as in the evening when objects aren't clear. You can prevent this power loss by deactivating this autofocus function. You can then focus the lens manually so that your batteries can last for as long as possible during your trip.

Delay Activating the Metering

Another way to conserve battery power involves turning on the metering function at the last moment when you are ready to take a photo. For instance, wait until you have completed focusing manually so that you turn on the metering when you are ready to press the shutter button in order to take a picture. This method will save the battery power that would have gone to operating the metering function while you are busy focusing the lens.

Add the battery conservation methods above to any techniques that may be recommended by the manufacturer of your camera batteries. Those measures will save you from the disappointment of failing to take photographs of the different memorable moments during your trip or vacation.

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